Wednesday’s WoW! De Chanceny Cremant de Loire Rose Brut

De Chanceny Cremant de Loire Rose BrutThis pretty pink bubbly, De Chanceny Crémant de Loire Rosé Brut, is the perfect wine to add a colourful sparkle to your Valentine’s Day celebrations – and that special someone never needs to know that it’s only $17.30 at the LCBO!


The word “crémant” is used on bottles of bubbly wine from France that are made outside the designated Champagne area, but that employ the same methods as those used in Champagne to make their wines sparkle. Several sparkling wine appellations in France were given the use of this word in the 1980s with an agreement that they would no longer use the term “méthode champenoise” on their labels. “Méthode champenoise” has now been replaced with the term “méthode traditionnelle,” or “traditional method.”  For more information about the “traditional method”, please read Fact #2 in the article 10 Fun Facts About Champagne Bubbles.

“Crémant” is used as a prefix and the regional name in which the sparkling wine is produced follows. For example, “Crémant de Loire” and “Crémant de Bourgogne”.  These bubblies are made using the grape varieties approved for that particular region.  Often, these wines provide a delicious and much more affordable option to the much more expensive wines from Champagne.

Tasting Note

This light pink wine is made primarily from Cabernet Franc and has delicate aromas of raspberry, cranberry, red plum, pink grapefruit, andRose Sparkling Wine dried herbs, with a slight autolytic yeasty character.  Light and refreshing on the palate, with red berry, mineral, herbs, and biscuit flavours, a soft, gentle texture, and a very pleasant, lingering finish.  Begin your romantic Valentine’s meal pairing this wine with seafood appetizers, such as chilled shrimp, salmon or crab cakes, or even sushi (as an appetizer or a main course).

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