Wednesday’s WoW! – Tilia Torrontes 2009

Tilia TorrontesA Garden in a Glass

Are the dark, dreary days of November getting you down?  Are you yearning for the scent of fresh flowers picked from your now long lost summer garden?  Then this week’s Wednesday Wine of the Week, Tilia Torrontes 2009 from Argentina, is for you – a veritable garden in a glass – and it’s available at the LCBO for only $12.95.

Torrontes is an intensely fragrant grape variety unique to Argentina, where it’s become the country’s signature white grape.  It’s been cultivated there since the time of the Conquistadors.  A crossing of Muscat of Alexandria and Criolla Chica (also known as the Mission grape), recent DNA testing has proven that it is not the same as the grape of the same name found in Spain.

For more information on Torrontes, please read “A Taste of Torrontes from Argentina”.

Tilia Wines

Tilia is the Latin name for the Linden tree which is grown throughout Argentina’s wine region of Mendoza.  The flowers from this tree are made into an herbal tea that is said to have calming properties.  Tilia wines are made by Bodegas Esmeralda, which is owned by the Catena Family, for the value segment of the market.  Tilia wines are dedicated to the responsible use of the environment.

The grapes for this wine are grown in the Cafayate wine region in the province of Salta, Argentina.  Most of the best Torrontes are grown in the high altitude vineyards of this area.  The high altitudes mean cooler temperatures, yielding grapes with higher acidity and an assertive flavour profile.

Tasting Notes

Tilia Torrontes 2009 is quite aromatic showing typical Torrontes perfume of honeysuckle and roses, grapefruit, peach, apricot, and spice.  On the palate, this wine is dry, exhibiting ripe peaches and apricots, with an intense floral note, and a tangy tangerine finish.  It has a rich and creamy texture and enough acidity to make this a crisp, refreshing wine.  The fresh citrus flavours in this wine make it a fine match with many poultry and fish dishes.  The grape’s exotic fruit and spicy character also makes it a great pairing with spicier dishes that are notoriously difficult with most wine – try a Thai inspired Curry, or spicy chorizo.

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