Alvento Forced to Sell Winery and Vineyards

Just one day after posting this week’s Wednesday Wine of the Week featuring Alvento Winery, I found out that Bruno and Elyane Moos, and their partner, Morrie Neiss, have been given a court order to sell the winery and vineyards.  The news was reported last night by Rick VanSickle of Wines in Niagara.  Click on the link to read his full report, “Alvento, Home of Quality Red Blends, Viognier, and Nebbiolo, Told to Sell Winery.”  In short, the story is that Bruno and Elyane were committed to producing top-quality, boutique wines, while their partner was more interested in producing less expensive, more popular wines for the lower end of the market.  The feud was taken to court where a judge decided the winery and vineyards would be sold and the partnership dissolved.

This is such a sad story.  I visited Alvento Winery this past July and found Bruno working at the tasting bar.  When he saw how enthusiastic I was about his wines, he invited me into the barrel room and had me taste wines still in barrel and tank.  I tried the 2010 Viognier, the 2008 Nebbiolo, which he told me would be bottled soon, and the 2010 Nebbiolo, which was still a baby and had a long way to go.  It was obvious that Bruno was very proud and very passionate about his wine – and rightly so.  These are top-notch Ontario wines.

I can only imagine how devastated Bruno and Elyane must feel right now.

2 responses

  1. I’m not familiar with their wines, but it is a sad story…but probably not a very uncommon one because partnerships in business are tough. Red blends are quickly becoming a favorite of mine so maybe I’ll seek out their blend.

    • Hi Wine75,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is a sad story and such a shame. The wines are very good and full of character so hopefully you’ll get the chance to try some one day. They’re mostly only available at the winery right now, but the LCBO may have a few bottles.
      Happy tasting!

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